Yamaha Outboard shoot-out

When the playing field is level, we'll know which teams are truly the best.

Eco Fishing Team Hit the Bull’s-eye

The weather in Miami can be wonderful – sometimes too wonderful.  You would expect March to have typical windy days with cooler temperatures. That was not the case for the first ever Yamaha Outboard Shootout.  The weather was spectacular. Bright sunny skies. Little or no wind. But these conditions tell the tale of poor fishing.  Teams saw a south current all day with light to no winds. The first release did not come until 8:30 a.m., an hour and a half after lines-is. The fishing remained slow, but all the teams were fishing in the same conditions, so the best boat would prevail.  By early afternoon, Eco Fishing Team was tied with Team Yamaha but a double-header gave Eco the lead which they never relinquished.  Eco Fishing Team ended with 4 releases and took home over $12,000.00.

The Yamaha Outboard Shootout was hosted at Miamarina in Bayside.  It was a great location with plenty of dock space and a great indoor facility for the parties.  Teams were treated to gourmet food every day and open bars.  The one-day format for sailfish tournaments have become increasingly popular and team are excited to fish the sister tournament, The Yamaha Outboard Championship this May 14th

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